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Scuffed Mudpuppy

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The Scuffed Mudpuppy is a flat out fish catcher! It has a super unique shape that mimics a Mudpuppy. It has flowing gills and a customizable tail that you can easily tweak to match the mood of the fish and the technique you are fishing.

It has a one-of-a-kind spoon tail with a membrane slot that creates either a subtle hover action out of the pack or a thumping cut tail action after you tear the membrane.

You can cover the entire water column with the Scuffed Mudpuppy. Wake the surface, work it in and around cover like wood, lily pads, weed mats, undercuts and reeds, swim it, flip it or crawl it. The only way to see how effective the Mudpuppy is, is to fish it.

Perch, panfish, walleye, smallmouth, largemouth, lakers, pike…. There is something about this bait that fish can’t resist. Seriously, you need the Mudpuppy in your fishing arsenal. It gets bit.

The Mudpuppy is available in 1.8", 3.5’, and 4.5" as well as 7 proven colors.


  • Flowing gills

  • Customizable tail

  • Covers the water column

  • Catches every gamefish species

  • Durable – made with premium materials

  • Two sizes: 3.5” (6pk) and 4.5” (4pk)

  • Pairs with virtually every fishing technique